What I Want Wednesday

These chalkboard place mats seem wonderful, versatile and oh so much fun.  At an adult dinner party they could be used as place cards, and kids can use them to doodle during dinner.  What am I saying?  Adults can use these to doodle during dinner.   And then after dinner you can use them to play Pictionary!

I can think of some creative people in my life (and you know who you are) who could really do great things with these.  My creativity would get me about as far as using more than one color to write someone’s name.  $33 for a set of 4 here.  I think these would make a fun hostess gift.

I do wonder how they stand up to actually being used as place mats.  Can they stand up to drips of grease?  Condensation?  Tomato sauce?  The sticky fingers of little children?  Even if they did only make their way through a few parties I think they would be a fun enough addition to be worth it.