When’s that Baby Due?

As of today I am 14 weeks pregnant and expecting a little Zinnecker toward the end of November!  Our tentative due date is November 22.  We are incredibly excited about the new addition to our family and will be documenting our adventure here.

Here is our 8 week sonogram.

At this point Baby Z was almost 2 centimeters in length.  He/she has grown quite a bit since then and is roughly the size of a lemon now!

I haven’t been too sick, and am hoping that any day now I will have enough energy to make it through the day without desperately needing a nap and dreaming of Diet Coke and Starbucks.  Giving up caffeine is no easy task, people.

More updates and maybe even some belly shots to come!  Thanks for visiting Baby Z.

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  1. Sharen

    SOOO very excited for you and Ben!!! You will make beautiful babies!!!! Love the website! :-)

  2. Kimberly McGinnis

    Yes! Belly shots, PLEASE, so I can watch your little baby bump grow from south Texas! I am so excited for y’all!

  3. Candace Burmaster

    Yay!! I too would enjoy belly shots! Can’t believe baby Z is on his/her way — so excited!!

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