It’s a Surprise

We’ve decided not to find out the gender of Baby Z!  So, it will be a wonderful surprise when he/she arrives in November.

The decision we’ve made presents some issues.  How do you make a genuinely cute gender neutral nursery?  That is the question, and anyone with the answer is welcome to send it my way.  The fabric I have fallen in love with is “too girly” and nothing else I have found is really doing it for me.  I don’t want to do anything yellow or green.  Maybe orange?  I’m going to keep looking.

Here is the fabric I’m pushing for.  Is it really too girly?  I think it can go either way with the right additional colors and items in the room.  Maybe play up the yellows and blues and not the pinks and reds to make it more neutral.  I really like the white background and black accents with the colors.  I’ve also found perfect prints on Etsy to match.

And here are our first belly shots.  I will be 17 weeks on Tuesday, so it’s definitely starting to be quite obvious that I haven’t gained 10 pounds just for the fun of it.  The extra mass on my front side is starting to feel a little more normal as is the way my previously properly fitting clothes now stretch in the belly area.  I can still wear most of my clothes….except for my jeans.  They are often worn un-bottoned and un-zipppered.  Thank goodness for stretchy yoga pants, cute summer dresses…and Ben’s shirts.

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  1. Kate Zinnecker

    It’s not too girly at all but in the link you sent me it was out of stock. That might present a problem. I love it so I hope you can find it. And the pictures are DARLING!!

  2. Patti Chesney

    Carrie and Ben ~

    Congratulations! Novemeber is a great birthday month, as you well know!!

    I think the bird print is great and with reds and yellows, it is very gender neutral.

    Your cute belly is adorable. We didn’t find out with either one and it was fun to find out at the birth!


  3. Carrie

    I am in love with your little baby belly! I can’t wait to see you all in a month. And I love the fabric. It’s not too girly. And anyway it won’t matter, because you are having a girl so it will be perfect. Love you all!

  4. Mandy Hoiten

    Love the fabric! Pics of you are FABULOUS! I’m so excited for you! Miss you, my friend!

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