Bird Beginnings

While browsing, a section of apartment therapy, a few weeks ago I saw this mobile and I am now determined to make one of my own for the nursery.  The original pattern and brilliant idea is from Spool.  Find the pdf file here.

The problem is that I am not exactly what you would call “crafty”.  I cannot sew a button on.  How in the world am I going to sew together a dozen cute little birdies for a mobile?

I went and bought what I needed at the craft store.  I had to buy a pack of needles since I don’t do any sewing whatsoever.  I also needed thread, fabric scissors, and stuffing for the birds.  I bought some cool fabric at IKEA about a year ago with the intention of making something with them…which I never did.  That shows just how much follow through I usually have on projects : )

My first attempt was a disaster.  I drew eyes and wings on it with a sharpie and then let my dog use it as a chew toy.

Today I made two more birds with better results.  Not great, but better.  I’m going to get more fabric in different patterns and colors to match the bedding once I have this bird making thing down.

There may be some hope for me in finishing this project.  I think it could look great in the nursery, so I’m looking forward to finishing it…hopefully before baby comes!

My pair of love birds are shown here, snuggling up on the couch.  I like the black and white with the yellow.  This yellow may be a bit bright for the room, but we’ll see.

Here are the cut patterns, which are simple and easy.  The patterns are sewn together inside out leaving the tail open.  The birds are then turned outside in, and stuffed and sewn shut.

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  1. Kate Zinnecker

    Very cute! If you run your thread over a bar of soap (or buy a little wax thing they sell at fabric stores) it will help keep your thread from tangling or knotting up. Excuse my dangling preposition!

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