18 Weeks

According to my “What to Expect” book, daily emails from various pregnancy sites, and friends who have been through all of this before, any day now I should be feeling the little one move around!  Then I will really believe that there’s something in there.  I guess the growing belly should be proof enough, but it is still pretty surreal.

On another note, I sewed a tote bag/diaper bag using some fabric I’d ordered a sample of but decided not to use.  It turned out OK.  It has two great pockets on the front for easy access to things like a cell phone, keys, pacifier, etc.

I think I need a more substantial fabric, maybe a canvas.  When I make the next one, I’d like to put a lining in it also.  I opted not to make the cute button closure included in the pattern.  I wish I could say that I just didn’t like the look of it.  Truth is, I wasn’t too confident in my abilities in the ways of button holes.  However, I am off to a good start in the use of my sewing machine, and practice makes perfect, right?  If not, practice at least makes better.  Hopefully I will pull off an incredible diaper bag complete with button closure before November.

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  1. Jennifer

    oooooh….so cute! I had no idea you sewed! Great job!! There is a book out right now by Ann Marie Horner (I think) called “Handmade Beginnings.” It’s 24 sewing projects to get ready for baby. It’s received great reviews and suppose to be stuff you could really make and use. Anyway…just a thought!

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