Boy or Girl Poll

Some people have a feeling about the gender of a new baby.  A woman at Ben’s office said that her mother-in-law had dreams about every single grandkid, and was right about each one.  A friend of mine told me that she always has a feeling, and that feeling is always…wrong.  Some expectant mothers have a feeling about what they’re carrying.  I do not have any feelings yet, and Ben doesn’t either…or he just hasn’t voiced them to me.

I was curious to see what people thought about Baby Z’s gender.  So Ben installed a poll on the side bar of this blog and now we can keep a running tally of what our friends and family feel about the gender of the little one.

How to Vote:

1.  Scroll down the blog and look on the right hand side.

2.  Stop scrolling when you see the title “Is it a Boy or a Girl?”

3.  Select either “Boy” or “Girl”

4.  Click “Vote”

Thanks for participating in our little poll!  It will be interesting to see how many people get it right.

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