Baby Crib

I ordered Baby Z’s crib this morning and it should arrive next week!  It is just what I wanted in a crib.  Simple.  Clean.  No frills.

And by the way, WAL-MART!  I know, it’s crazy.  It has gotten great reviews and I’ve seen it in a few nurseries on  This crib is Parklane by Baby Mod.  The other one I liked is the Olivia.  There are many cute nursery items in the line.

It has nice clean simple lines that I really like.  I didn’t want anything that looked like a miniature bed with the headboard, so this was perfect.  There is a storage drawer underneath.  I’m hoping it will be everything it seems to be online.

It’s nice to find an affordable modern crib.  The other modern, clean lined white crib I liked was almost $900.  This is not $900…

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