Painting: Part 2 & 22 Weeks

The painting of the nursery is complete!  I also managed to assemble the dresser and shelf from IKEA, and Ben assembled the crib tonight while I was out enjoying coffee with friends.  What a terrific husband!  Our dog Ginger seemed to be intentionally getting in our way during this process.  I think she knows she is being replaced as #1 baby sometime in the near future.

The crib is lovely and just what I expected it to be.  I really like the way the red dresser looks with the green walls.  Ben admitted that he was a bit skeptical when I first told him the colors I was using, but he likes it too.  I cannot wait to get the bedding, birdie mobile, and everything else in there to see it really come together.  Someday we’ll even get to put our baby in this room!

Here is the 22 weeks belly shot.  Someone at church on Sunday said, “I don’t know how to say this politely, but you look…more pregnant.” which was a good thing to hear.  Much better than. “Boy, you sure have gained some weight!” or “Wow!  Your feet look so swollen!  How can you walk around with those?”  Thankfully I haven’t started suffering from much swelling…yet.

I asked Ben this question, but he didn’t have an answer for me.  Why is it that putting on a maternity top makes you look more pregnant?  It is a mystery.

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  1. NO WAY has anyone told you that you sure have gained some weight! You are adorable pregnant — just a perfect little belly to go with that perfect little figure! I think you’re having a boy (based on all those wives’ tales that say if you can’t tell you’re pregnant from behind – it’s a boy.) I’m jealous — I just look like I robbed a doughnut shop!
    The nursery looks super cute too!

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