Birdie Art is one of my favorite places to do online shopping.  Individuals can sell their handmade and vintage goods on the site which means you’re able to browse through a plethora of unique items that you wouldn’t find just anywhere.  It is so terribly addictive.  It’s especially dangerous when you find something that there is only one of, which means if you don’t buy it it could be snatched up by someone else!

I have been searching here for a while now looking for some prints for the nursery, but I had yet to order anything since the room wasn’t really put together.  I wanted to have a better idea of what I wanted to do in there.  Last week I finally decided that I wanted these cute little 5×5 inch bird prints.

As luck would have it, the seller of these adorable birds, Yumi Yumi, just went on maternity leave and won’t be selling for a while.  I was crushed!  My wise sister, upon hearing my tragic story, suggested that they could be made.  So, I made them.

I am not creative enough to do much more than copy them, so that is essentially what they are…only much more homemade looking complete with inaccurate cutting and some other imperfections.  They look cute in the room, though.  I was able to make them in a 10×10 inch version, so  the three of them will fit perfectly above the dresser.

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  1. Jackie Williams

    Um, that is the cutest thing ever. You are just bragging when you say you are not creative! They look great!

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