The Most Expensive Chocolate in the Whole Wide World

Think beyond the giant Hershey Kiss or the 5lb Hershey Bar…this isn’t about size. Think beyond the “high end” Ghirardelli and Lindt chocolates at your local grocery store…you can’t buy these at the grocery store. This is serious chocolate. I can’t help but wonder…is it really worth it? This list of chocolates range from Jacques Torres assorted truffles at $50 per pound all the way to Knipschildt’s La Medeline au Truffe at $2,400 per pound. No joke. Will a 2 ounce chocolate truffle with truffle oil and an actual Perigord truffle mushroom wrapped in Valrhona dark chocolate make me swoon more than a ho-hum Hershey kiss? I may never know.

“The World’s Most Expensive Chocolates” by Forbes