January 3, 2016

With Christmas falling on a Thursday and New Years Eve as well, we scored some great free vacation days with Ben.  We are ending today our 4 day weekend that we all felt was well spent.  After two rainy and cold days spent mostly inside (one day almost entirely in pajamas!) today was cool, full of sunshine and beautiful.  After the kids got up from naps (only one actually slept) we went to the park and took advantage of the weather.


We usually go to a park that is not too far from our house, a quick drive, that has a nice little lake.  The playground there was packed.  We walked across the bridge to a smaller playground that was much less crowded.

Carson and Betsy both raced over there.  When Ben and I caught up Carson had already made a friend, a boy named Frank who we found out was 5 1/2 and “already in kindergarten”.  They had fun together.  I love how quickly Carson makes friends and how uninhibited he is, not concerned yet with being “cool” or saying the right things or even with kids being not the nicest.  One of the first things I overheard Carson say to him was, “That’s my family right over there!”  One day he might not be so excited to show us off!

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