December 3, 2016

Nate, Kendra and Elouise were here this weekend!  It was such a great time.  We absolutely loved having them here with us.  Thank you for coming, guys! We went to the children’s museum. Ate hamburgers. And tonight we went to see Guster!  We (along with some other college friends who couldn’t join us this time) … [Read more…]

December 1, 2016

I dropped the little ones at school and saw this incredible bulletin board full of Rudolphs! Betsy’s is my favorite, but not simply because it’s hers.  It is different from every other one, and that speaks to her personality I think.  Either that she doesn’t like to or won’t follow instructions or she just goes … [Read more…]

November 30, 2016

Happy Birthday, Ben! Today we walked around and enjoyed the fall colors, saw a squirrel licking on the lid of a ketchup container, awkwardly visited a pottery studio and ate hot chicken.  Another good day. Big thanks to my mom who made the trip possible!      

November 29, 2016

Today we ate a huge breakfast, went to the hotel gym, I went and got a terrific massage, then we went to the hip roof-top bar of our hotel for a drink and then to dinner to celebrate Ben’s birthday.  A good day.      

November 28, 2016

Ben had a vehicle inspection outside of Nashville scheduled for November 29, and he thought it would be nice for me to come along (and use the companion pass!) and make a little trip out of it.  We booked a hotel and a car.  Then the case was dismissed…but the car I booked was nonrefundable. … [Read more…]