December 1, 2016

I dropped the little ones at school and saw this incredible bulletin board full of Rudolphs! Betsy’s is my favorite, but not simply because it’s hers.  It is different from every other one, and that speaks to her personality I think.  Either that she doesn’t like to or won’t follow instructions or she just goes with what she feels instead of what everyone else is doing.  I hope she keeps it up.

20161201_144216806_ios  20161201_144209861_ios

This afternoon I picked Carson up early, we went to his 6 year well check where he got a flu shot and was brave about it right up until the nurse came in with the needle.  All went well after some tears and screaming.  Thankfully he didn’t kick the nurse like Betsy did.


After that I decided to keep him out for the day and we went to grab some lunch.  He chose pizza…well done, son.  It was nice to be with just him for a while.



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