Spring I love Texas wildflowers.  Driving home today on Highway 71 there were more bluebonnets than the week before when I’d driven up.  The only downside to spring is that summer is coming soon and I do not look forward to that one bit. Tonight Betsy was ridiculously hard.  It was not a fun … [Read more…]


  Grandma Marge The kids, my mom, Aunt Susan and I drove to Chico to put flowers from the wedding on Grandma Marge’s grave this morning.  I’ve only been here once, for her funeral 17 years ago.  It was a little emotional and made me wonder if she knew we’d been there, if she knew … [Read more…]


Great Grandpa Don My kids are so fortunate to have both sets of grandparents, 2 great grandpas and a great grandma.  I am glad that we spent a few days in Richvale after the wedding so that both Betsy and Carson could get a little more great grandpa time.  


  Trees One of my favorite things about the drive from Sacramento to Richvale is the orchards we see along the way.  I’m not sure what these are, but I love the way they look with their little white blooms. When Sarah and I would come out here during the summers by ourselves, Grandpa would … [Read more…]


My Cute Date Carson was my date to Phil and Shawnee’s wedding on Saturday.  He didn’t even make it to the start of the ceremony.  You can probably tell from this picture that he wasn’t too excited about anything.  I tried to have him sit with me, armed with water, snacks and toy cars, but … [Read more…]


  Aunt Sarah is Here! At the last minute, Sarah decided to fly out for the wedding!  We picked her up today, went and had lunch, then went back to the airport to pick up my dad, who also decided to come at the last minute.  We had 4 adults, 2 kids and all the … [Read more…]


Driving the tractor through the rice fields with uncle Gary. We flew in to Sacramento this afternoon, and then drove to Richvale. Carson was in a pretty rotten mood after getting up so early and then spending so much time traveling. Uncle Gary saved the day by taking him out in the biggest tractor he’d … [Read more…]


  He’s Back! Carson is almost 100% today.  He is eating more.  He is sleeping better.  He’s even being a little mischievous, which is normally kind of irritating, but I was so happy to see him feeling better that I didn’t mind that he’d unstacked and unfolded a bunch of clothes I’d set out to start … [Read more…]


  Smiles for Daddy I had to get Ben to talk to Betsy to get some of these good smiles this evening.  While she was eating dinner Ben was talking on the phone.  She kept craning her head around to try to see him instead of eating.  She would get a huge grin on her … [Read more…]


Frozen Remedy Ben went to church this morning.  I stayed home with the kids.  I was in my pajamas until 4 when we decided Carson needed to get out.  I needed to get out too!  We went to Orange Leaf for yogurt.  Carson didn’t eat much, but had fun anyway.  I asked him what color … [Read more…]