August 22, 2016

First day of school! Carson was excited to go to his first day of Kindergarten, awake and in the play room waiting for me before I even went to get him up. Ben came with us, which was great mostly because we like him, but also because I had two bags of supplies to bring in and … [Read more…]


“Stand still and let me take your picture!” Carson’s haircut is kind of adorable.  I wanted to take a picture of him this morning before school, but getting him to stand still isn’t always easy.  So instead of posting a blurry shot, I “made” (uploaded pictures to this site) an animated GIF!  Who knew it … [Read more…]


Birthday Balloon We had a full and fun day!  Carson and Betsy stayed home with Steve and Kate while Ben and I went to church.  We brought home lunch and cupcakes, and after eating Ben and Steve went to work putting together the bunk beds in Carson’s room!  I ran to Target for a mattress … [Read more…]

Dancing Boy

I recently read an article about how much parents are posting about their kids on facebook, instagram, blogs, etc.  What used to be kept private in baby books and home videos is now being put out there for the world to see.  As parents we aren’t being as thoughtful as we should be about how … [Read more…]


  Carson Do you ever have days as a mother when you are just head over heels in love with your kid?  Not that you aren’t always, but for some reason, on some days, you just can’t get enough of them and every single thing they do amazes and impresses you and makes you want … [Read more…]


  Magic Wand Carson likes sticks, as most boys do.  Today I came outside and he was playing with this one.  He said “Gotta say the magic words!”.  I know this comes from an Umi Zoomi episode (“The Incredible Presto”) in which the magician accidentally puts his magic wand in the washing machine and it … [Read more…]


Driving the tractor through the rice fields with uncle Gary. We flew in to Sacramento this afternoon, and then drove to Richvale. Carson was in a pretty rotten mood after getting up so early and then spending so much time traveling. Uncle Gary saved the day by taking him out in the biggest tractor he’d … [Read more…]


  He’s Back! Carson is almost 100% today.  He is eating more.  He is sleeping better.  He’s even being a little mischievous, which is normally kind of irritating, but I was so happy to see him feeling better that I didn’t mind that he’d unstacked and unfolded a bunch of clothes I’d set out to start … [Read more…]