Aebleskiver Rip-off

Pancake puffs (check out the link)!! My dreams have come true! What an ingenious invention! Or is it?

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but these are not new to the culinary world. I’ve been eating AEBLESKIVERS, that’s right aebleskivers not pancake puffs, since I was just a wee little Scandinavian baby. Eating aebleskivers has been a tradition in the Sundbeck/Rystrom family on Christmas morning for years, but their history dates back to the time of the Vikings. Legend has it that a meeting between the Vikings and King Arthur’s Knights brought about the beginning of aebles. The vikings cooked the “pancakes” in their shields which had dents from battle…dents that cooked up pancake balls…pancake balls which are now known as aebleskiver!

We eat our aebles spread with butter then topped with lingonberries, or syrup and powdered sugar. YUMMY!

If you choose to buy a “pancake puff” pan that is ok…but you better not call them “pancake puffs”!! They are aebleskivers and always will be.