Fredericksburg Weekend

Ben and I celebrated his completion of the first quarter of PC at Baylor Law this weekend. So, Sunday morning we headed to Fredericksburg, Texas for our 24 hour getaway! Our first stop was at Enchanted Rock where we hiked to the top, climbed into dark, dangerous caves and my mountain-man husband led me the “back way” down the back of the rock and around all creation back to our car. One of the best parts was watching a 3 year old boy climb without fear into a cave that scared the heebie jeebies out of me. Ben and I both came away with nice little sunburns. That’s what we get for being whiter than sheets and not wearing sunscreen. Since it was a Sunday a lot of the places on main street were closed. We did have a nice little snack at Fredericksburg Brewery; a link of sausage, cheese, mustard, a roll and sauerkraut all for only $4.99! We checked in to our bed and breakfast, The Angels Lodge, around 3. Our room was really nice. Right outside our room was a small pool with a waterfall…very peaceful. HUGE king bed that required a stool to get in…nice bathroom with a jacuzzi tub. We were not too thrilled with the lack of a shower. An awkward hand-held shower caused some interesting words to be uttered during Ben’s time in the shower. We survived this little predicament and headed to The Nest for dinner. We had a stuffed shrimp appetizer that could have been a meal. 4 large shrimp stuffed with artichokes and other yummy goodness on top of angel hair pasta with a red pepper sauce. We also had a crab cake appetizer with a cilantro lime hollandaise on top of sauteed spinach. Entrees came with a field greens salad with pecans and feta cheese. Ben had quail stuffed with sausage on polenta. I had sea scallops with a chipotle lime sauce and turnip mashed potatoes. We were really pleased and would definitely go again…but maybe not order 2 appetizers. I slept really well in our HUGE bed. Breakfast arrived to our room at 8:45…fresh fruit, cranberry muffins, red-pepper breakfast potatoes and a breakfast burrito. The weather was a little nasty, but we went to main again after checking out of our room and walked up and down for a while. It was really a good weekend for us. Only two more quarters of law school!