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The Most Expensive Chocolate in the Whole Wide World

Think beyond the giant Hershey Kiss or the 5lb Hershey Bar…this isn’t about size. Think beyond the “high end” Ghirardelli and Lindt chocolates at your local grocery store…you can’t buy these at the grocery store. This is serious chocolate. I can’t help but wonder…is it really worth it? This list of chocolates range from Jacques Torres assorted truffles at $50 per pound all the way to Knipschildt’s La Medeline au Truffe at $2,400 per pound. No joke. Will a 2 ounce chocolate truffle with truffle oil and an actual Perigord truffle mushroom wrapped in Valrhona dark chocolate make me swoon more than a ho-hum Hershey kiss? I may never know.

“The World’s Most Expensive Chocolates” by Forbes

Geoduck, Black chicken, Ostrich…

I turn to Bravo at 8:57, and what do I see? A countdown clock in the bottom right hand corner of the screen with 0:02:37 remaining! I had to practice patience. My patience was greatly rewarded over the next 75 minutes.

We are first introduced to the cast of 15 that will soon dwindle to 14. A surprise amuse bouche quick fire challenge greets the chefs in Miami. Micah wins the quick fire and earns a spot in my pick for the final 4. The elimination challenge: exotic surf and turf with appetizing proteins like black chicken, geoduck, ostrich and rattlesnake. Harsh guest Anthony Bourdain joins the judging table. Tre and his seared ostrich filet and abalone reduction win the elimination challenge and Hung (black chicken and geoduck) is also a favorite. Clay, the odd ball from Mississippi serves up some poorly cooked wild boar chops and must “Take his knives, and go.”

Overall, I was pleased with the premiere. The women weren’t in the top or bottom for the elimination challenge. But I don’t think they’ll stay under the radar for long. Micah seems really talented, so she, Tre and Hung are my picks for the final competing chefs. As for lucky # 4…probably Howie.

Brilliant Advertising

I would like to be friends or at least have dinner with the people who came up with this commercial. It’s perfect. A normal looking guy in a Wendy’s wigβ€”with his hair sticking outβ€”who single-handedly starts a burger revolution which has little to do with tree kicking. But that just makes it all the more memorable. Way to go Wendy’s advertising team!

Food Network v. Bravo

I caught the tail end of the 2nd season of The Next Food Network Star last night. After a few minutes of part II of the season premiere Ben and I both had the same thought…it was a total rip off of Bravo’s Top Chef! If you know me, then you know that I love the Food Network. Am I upset with the Food Network for shamelessly copying Top Chef? Not upset…just disappointed. However, good move for the Food Network…last season was a little boring. If you can’t come up with good ideas on your own, then you might as well just steal someone else’s! I enjoyed Top Chef a lot more than Food Network Star last season, as did most of the TV viewing public. I am anxiously awaiting the premiere of Top Chef on June 13. I will now spend/waste 2 nights a week watching wannabe chefs compete for fame and fortune with way more drama than necessary. It will be interesting to see if Food Networks efforts to re-vamp their series will be a success…

Top Chef 2 FoodTVStar