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Brilliant Advertising

I would like to be friends or at least have dinner with the people who came up with this commercial. It’s perfect. A normal looking guy in a Wendy’s wigβ€”with his hair sticking outβ€”who single-handedly starts a burger revolution which has little to do with tree kicking. But that just makes it all the more memorable. Way to go Wendy’s advertising team!

Food Network v. Bravo

I caught the tail end of the 2nd season of The Next Food Network Star last night. After a few minutes of part II of the season premiere Ben and I both had the same thought…it was a total rip off of Bravo’s Top Chef! If you know me, then you know that I love the Food Network. Am I upset with the Food Network for shamelessly copying Top Chef? Not upset…just disappointed. However, good move for the Food Network…last season was a little boring. If you can’t come up with good ideas on your own, then you might as well just steal someone else’s! I enjoyed Top Chef a lot more than Food Network Star last season, as did most of the TV viewing public. I am anxiously awaiting the premiere of Top Chef on June 13. I will now spend/waste 2 nights a week watching wannabe chefs compete for fame and fortune with way more drama than necessary. It will be interesting to see if Food Networks efforts to re-vamp their series will be a success…

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