Whisk in Brooklyn

My trip here has almost come to an end, and my services as a baby helper will no longer be available to my sister as of 4pm today.  So, I babysat Maren while Lisa got her hair cut at The Beehive in Brooklyn.  By the way, she got a great cut here.  So, if you ever need a salon in Williamsburg this is a good one.

Maren and I set out on a little adventure of our own in the stroller.  She was asleep when we left, and I hoped this would be her consistent state for the next hour.  She has been so much fun to be around this past week.  Despite her cuteness, I would have much preferred her to remain peaceful and quiet until we got back to the salon.  She knows that I am not her mommy and the longer she sleeps, the longer she is unaware that mommy is not the one pushing the stroller.  She was a quiet resting baby during our outing, except for a tiny moment of unhappiness that was quickly ended thanks to a little comfort…in the form of a pacifier.

You do not have an incredible amount of freedom when you’re maneuvering a stroller through busy streets.  This lack of freedom makes the simple task of browsing a cute gift shop, clothing store or book store much more difficult.  I passed up many shops simply because they were too crowded inside, had more than two steps to the  door, or had doors that looked a little too hard for me to fit through with the stroller.  I did see this store and couldn’t resist going in.  Whisk is a kitchen store in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn and is quite adorable and fun to browse through.  There are no steps to the door, there looked to be just one other patron in the store, and there also seemed to be room to get around people (and for people to get around me).  I am so glad I went in.  Here is the link with their location and hours.

The usual suspects of kitchen gadgets adorned walls, utensil jars and shelves.  A side room contained both fun and traditional table linens, flatware, coffee and tea paraphernalia, cookbooks and serving pieces.  It is a quainter version of a Williams-Sonoma or Sur la Table.

I purchased this towel for $21.99 after much internal struggle.  It was a run off between this and another towel with no trim, but some very cool graphic red birds.  This will be the towel I hang on the oven door when company is coming, but I will not be using this one to clean up any spills.  It is just too beautiful.  Ben is going to think this makes it a totally impractical item, but I will let people dry their freshly washed hands on it…so it will not be completely useless.

This was one of many different colored and sized colanders; yellow, red, orange, blue, green, pink, purple, small, medium and large.  I have been wanting a small colander like this for berries for a while now.  It doesn’t make much sense to use a large colander to wash a pint of berries.  This is the perfect sized item for that job.  Yellow colander, $14.99.