Cupcake Sundae

I drove to Austin for my sisters 22nd birthday.  With Sarah, no trip is complete without a stop at Whole Foods on Lamar.  I frequent the coffee bar at Whole Foods where a display case is always full of delicious looking cupcakes.  Now, these are not your simple frosted cupcakes.  On this Sunday afternoon the case boasted cupcakes that looked like apple pies, hamburgers, hot dogs and ice cream sundaes…with a cherry on top!  I am usually just an observer of the cupcakes, but when Sarah and I went to pay for our coffees the guy at the check out (who had noticed us drooling on the display case) asked us which cupcake we were going to get…so we got one.  The precious cupcake traveled back to Round Rock and was dessert for Sarah and me.  Beautiful and impressive…yes.  Delicious…not so much.  It was edible (and I ate it) but not the moistest cake or the tastiest icing I’ve ever had.  The consistency of the cake was more like dry sweet cornbread, much like the cupcake I ate at Cupcake Cafe in New York…also beautiful and unpalatable.  I don’t think you have to sacrifice taste for beauty, but this cupcake did.