Snickers Taste Test

In line at the grocery store I spot a Snickers bar, a dark chocolate Snickers bar AND an almond Snickers.  We used to have a cat named Snickers, but that doesn’t have anything to do with this post.  I decided to get all 3 and conduct a little taste test.  Before beginning the tasting I tried to guess which one I would like the best or if they would just be too different to choose a favorite or if my palate was just not one to properly conduct and judge this kind of contest!  Then I realized…they are just Snickers and no one reads your blog ANYWAY!  So, the tasting began.  I had a glass of water on hand to cleanse my distinguishing palate between bites.  I take a bite of original Snickers taking time to savoy the flavors…very comforting and familiar.  Sweet, salty, crunchy, creamy.  Dark chocolate Snickers…different texture (harder chocolate shell) but similar insides.  The dark chocolate does make the flavors a little different, less sweet.  Here I go back and forth between original and dark a few times.  Then on to almond Snickers which has the least fat and calories of the three!  Oh, wait, it is also the smallest in net wt.  About 0.25 oz less.  Tricky.  Now I like this almond variation.  The nuts have a crunchier texture than the peanut and, lets face it, almonds are way more sophisticated a nut than the peanut…which is A LEGUME mind you!  The verdict is…Snickers Original!  Snickers almond is a close second and dark chocolate comes in third.  I hope you use this information the next time you find yourself standing in line at your local grocery store.