What I Want Wednesday

When I heard that Borders was closing all of its stores I became really sad about the whole thing.  Empty stores left in shopping centers.  It’s depressing.  But I’ve seen the signs.  iPad, Kindle, Nook, etc.  Books are dying.  I’m pretty sure that at some point kids will no longer check out books from a school library, but download them instead.  This makes me a little sad.  But I’m contributing to this paperless future by getting a lot of my recipes online.  Cookbooks are lovely, and I have too many.  I’ve lamented about this problem before.

So, today I’m wanting this cookbook from Baked in Brooklyn.

Baked: New Frontiers in Baking.

My sister lives in Brooklyn, so I was able to get some goodies from Baked last summer on my visit.  The bakery is cool.  Their sweet offerings make you weak in the knees.  I want to go there right now for breakfast.

My sister turned me on to this blog, Crepes of Wrath, who has made a few of the recipes from the Baked cookbook. Every time she posts one I start to salivate and my tummy rumbles.

In an effort to keep the book alive, I want to add this cookbook to my collection even though I’m not sure where I’ll put it…