Grilled Apricot-Balsamic Glazed Chicken

First, I must brag on myself and tell you that I butchered my first chicken this weekend!  That’s right.  I bought 2 whole chickens, removed the complimentary neck, gizzards and liver, then began removing the appendages of the little birds and breaking the breast bone and back.  I can see why people prefer to buy the pieces pre-cut.  However, I was pleased to get a total of 4 breast halves, 4 wings, and 4 legs for a grand total of $7.00!  It is more work, but you get more for your money AND you get a little anatomy lesson.  You get to see all the joints and tendons and how they’re connected.  I enjoyed it, but Ben chose to stay out of the kitchen.  Here’s a video I found after I’d cut up my chickens.  I got my instructions from “How to Cook Everything” by Mark Bittman.


My chicken pieces could almost pass for pre-packaged chicken pieces, so I will consider this a successful first time at chicken butchering.

These lovely chicken pieces were used to make a delicious grilled chicken recipe from the July 2008 Fine Cooking.  The glaze smells so wonderful as its cooking.  I used fresh rosemary right from the back yard and its flavor along with the sweet apricot preserves, spicy red pepper and tangy vinegar made a tasty glaze for the chicken.  The amount of glaze is perfect for the 12 pieces of chicken I used, but making a batch and a half would not be a bad idea.

You can make the glaze a day ahead, cover and refrigerate it.  Just be sure to warm it up again before you plan to glaze the chicken so that it will be easy to spread. (more…)