What I Want Wednesday

There are a lot of unique kitchen and cooking items out there, and I want a lot of them.  When I lived in Austin I suffered from a Williams Sonoma addiction that I have since recovered from (yet another benefit to living in the Panhandle!).  I bought things I only used one time, and I often paid too much for them.  When you have a baby you start to realize how valuable storage space is.  I’ve gotten a lot better about buying kitchen and cooking tools.  However, I still enjoy seeing what’s out there.  I’ve promised myself not to buy any more kitchen things…unless I really and truly need them.

I found quite a few cool things on Joseph Joseph.  Some are truly useful kitchen tools that I would consider buying for my own kitchen, and others would make wonderful gifts for the cook or baker in your life.

This digital food scale, called the Shell, is not only useful, but modern and sleek as well.

The scale has a removable bowl which makes for an easy transfer of your ingredients.  Now the really cool thing is that the bowl, when flipped over, serves as a cover for the scale and makes for simple storage!  It reminds me of an over sized computer mouse in this compact form.

Here is the link for more details on the scale.