What I Want Wednesday

This is something I have seen advertised for a while.  I haven’t used one, and I haven’t even seen a need for it.  In fact, I’ve found them to be a bit silly.  Are people this lazy?  Are bakers this lazy?  If you are taking the time to bake something from scratch, then take the time to just scrape the bowl with a good old fashioned spatula.  However, while making banana bread tonight I found myself really and truly wanting this tool.  Have I officially become lazy?

Even if that is the case, I think this would be a nice thing to own.  After mixing my batter for the banana bread I lifted the head of my baby blue Kitchenaid mixer to reveal a a lovely yellow and delicious smelling mixture.  Then, as I began to scoop it into my greased and cinnamon sugared pan (yes, more on that later) I uncovered a layer of batter that had stuck quite stubbornly to the side of the bowl.  I thought, this would be easier if I had one of those cool blades that scraped the side of the bowl for me!  Now I want one.  Here is the link.  Feel free to buy 2 of them…and send one to me : )