foodie trivia

Foodie Trivia Answers

worldFoodiesphere: What is the term for animal innards and extremity meats included in British chef Fergus Henderson’s 2004 cookbook The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating? Offal (pronounced like “awful”)


starsFood Stars: What type of crustacean is Sebastian, who lands on a first course dinner plate in The Little Mermaid? Crab

dinnerpartyCompany’s Coming: What sweet, red-pepper spread is a picnic-sandwich tradition in the southern U.S.? Pimento cheese

scienceLab and Field: How much time, according to a 2003 survey, did Americans age 15 and older spend eating and drinking per day?  About 73 minutes (this seemed short to me…)

candlelit-dinnerDining Out: What is often served accompanied with baguettes, nuts and condiments made of fruit paste?  A cheese plate

whiskWhat’s Cooking: What distinguishes classic French-style rolling pins from classic American-style pins? Handles! American pins have them and French pins do not.

Foodie Trivia: Part Deux

foodiecrossingPeople actually read and responded my last foodie trivia game!  Craziness.

I was so excited that I decided to continue my little game.  So, here are some more foodie questions…and this time we’re getting serious…there will be an announced prize involved this time.  The first person to comment with all 6 correct answers will receive a dozen cookies of their choice.  Good luck!

Here are the 6 categories in the Foodie Fight game.

Foodiesphere: food people, cuisines and places

Food Stars: Food on film and in print, music and art

Company’s Coming: Party planning, table etiquette, wine and food pairing

Lab and Field: Cooking science, nutrition, and food preparation

Dining Out: Eateries, chefs, menu matters, and restaurant service

What’s Cooking?: Cooking techniques, tools, and ingredients

Here we go…get your thinking caps on folks…and try not to Google all the answers.  I am a teacher and I would be sorely disappointed in the person who made the decision to cheat…


Foodie Trivia Answers

I know how all of you have been eagerly awaiting the answers to the trivia from the other day…so here they are!

Congratulations to the two contestants who commented…you will each receive…cookies!!  Just leave a comment below with your favorite type of cookie and I will send you a dozen of them.  Good thing only two of you entered…otherwise I would be seriously slaving away in the kitchen next week.

1.  How many fresh tart cherries does it take to make a cherry pie?  about 150, about 250 or about 350 cherries?

Answer: About 250 cherries

2.  What does R.S.V.P. stand for on an invitation?  Respond regrets only, respond either way, or a response is optional?

Answer: Respond either way

3.  What chocolate covered treat made of marshmallow and vanilla cookie appears in the 1997 novel She Comes Undone and the 1989 move When Harry Met Sally?

Answer: Mallomars

4.  How many cups are in a quart?

Answer: 4

5.  What politician, evoking the plight of single mothers on a campaign stop in 2000, said, “Working hard to put food on your family”?

Answer: George W. Bush