Asparagus and Chicken Pasta with Goat Cheese and Lemon

I saw this recipe on Smitten Kitchen the day she posted it, and I immediately printed it.  Since then it has been sitting in my cookbook holder…teasing me with its inevitable deliciousness; making me wonder and dream about how all those yummy ingredients would someday combine in my kitchen to create a clean and delightful pasta dish perfect for summer.  I finally got around to trying it last night.  It was tangy, light and wonderful.  “Light” is not a word often used to describe pasta dishes, but this was not too heavy on the sauce and the flavors are mild and refreshing.  It is also very good at room temperature or just slightly warm.

I added some shredded chicken to this pasta, so I should have increased the sauce a bit.  Also, be careful with the lemon juice.  Add just a bit at a time and taste it to make sure it isn’t too overpowering.  It is a must that you use the creamy style goat cheese and fresh tarragon.  Fresh herbs always make a dish better. (more…)

Blueberry Focaccia

I never would have tried this recipe had it not been for one of the partners at Bens firm.  During a recent flight (with an apparent lack of reading material) he saw the recipe in this months Woman’s Day and the recipe found its way to my email inbox.  Thanks, Sam!


I love blueberries.  I like them cool from the fridge, but there is something about them after they’ve cooked that is spectacular.  They pop in your mouth and release all the warm sweet juices in a completely different way than a raw berry.