S’mores Cookies

Oh goodness gracious.  These cookies were so tasty.  I decided to make them at the last minute while doing a little pantry cleaning.  I had a bag af mini marshmallows, 2 half bags of chocolate chips, and some leftover cookies I’d made over the weekend that taste like graham crackers.  I couldn’t help but think of a s’more.  I haven’t had a true campfire s’more in a while, and while this doesn’t quite duplicate the experience of extinguishing a flaming, gooey marshmallow before pressing it on to a few squares of Hershey’s chocolate and a graham cracker, it is a good substitute.


I found this recipe on Cookie Madness.  I had to change a few things in the recipe as it was a last minute decision and I did not feel like going to the store.  I will try them the way they should be next time, but the ones I made were great anyway.  I’m curious to see if they could be any better!