Marshmallow Wreath

Isn’t this wreath adorable?  I saw it in the Food Network magazine that I picked up at the airport so that I would have some “reading” material for the plane.  I saw it and immediately knew I had to make it.  There are also ideas for making wreaths out of rock candy, cinnamon sticks and popcorn.  All very cute, but this was my favorite.  You can see them all here.


My color scheme this year for Christmas is blue, white, silver and sparkle, so this wreath seemed like a perfect addition to our holiday decor.


Mine doesn’t look like the one in the magazine, but I think it turned out pretty great considering my skill in crafts.

It took me about 30 minutes to put together, not including the time it needs to set in the fridge.  Make sure you let it set.  When I hung this on my door I could see that an hour in the fridge was not enough as the soft mallows began to get flattened.  I will hang it permanently tomorrow.

In the first stages of attaching the marshmallows it looked like it would end up being a complete disaster.  I started to brainstorm what I could make with all the marshmallows I bought.  But I kept adding more and more marshmallows, and it started to take shape.  I filled in the holes with the mini mallows, and while there are some spots of styrofoam visible, it looks OK.

I may not be the most creative or crafty person out there, but I made a wreath, I made it out of food, and I had fun doing it.  So, for me anyway, this was a success.

Here are the instructions, if you’d like to make one yourself.  I think it would be cute to make little ones and use them as candle rings, or even as napkin rings.  One successful crafting experience and I’m getting entirely too ambitious!  Maybe I’ll just stick with this so that I can avoid any disappointment in crafting disasters.

Marshmallow Wreath

  • You will need a few bags of large marshmallows, and one bag of mini marshmallows.
  • Insert about 150 toothpicks halfway into a 12-inch flat foam wreath, then skewer a marshmallow onto each toothpick.
  • Refrigerate overnight to set.