Birdie Art is one of my favorite places to do online shopping.  Individuals can sell their handmade and vintage goods on the site which means you’re able to browse through a plethora of unique items that you wouldn’t find just anywhere.  It is so terribly addictive.  It’s especially dangerous when you find something that there is … [Read more…]

Baby Z Blanket

This was the most time consuming and complicated of my sewing projects yet, but also the most rewarding.  It is by no means a proper quilt, but I am glad that I started with something simple.  Sewing the squares and rectangles together must be done with precision, and if you are just a teensy bit … [Read more…]

Painting: Part 2 & 22 Weeks

The painting of the nursery is complete!  I also managed to assemble the dresser and shelf from IKEA, and Ben assembled the crib tonight while I was out enjoying coffee with friends.  What a terrific husband!  Our dog Ginger seemed to be intentionally getting in our way during this process.  I think she knows she … [Read more…]

Painting: Part 1

Ben and I spent all day, 10am to 10pm, beginning to paint the nursery.  First off, no need to worry about me, Baby Z and fumes.  We had fans going the entire time, I took regular fresh air breaks, and I used the safest kind of paint possible. I still have some work to do … [Read more…]

Baby Crib

I ordered Baby Z’s crib this morning and it should arrive next week!  It is just what I wanted in a crib.  Simple.  Clean.  No frills. And by the way, WAL-MART!  I know, it’s crazy.  It has gotten great reviews and I’ve seen it in a few nurseries on  This crib is Parklane by … [Read more…]

19 Weeks in Costa Rica

Ben and I got to spend 7 days in Costa Rica with some of our best friends this past week.  I was 19 weeks on June 29.  The trip was one of the best vacations I have ever taken.  Thankfully I was able to manage in my pre-pregnancy suits without too much trouble. While in … [Read more…]

18 Weeks and 3 Days

During our sonogram this afternoon we were able to see some incredible images of Baby Z.  It amazes me that the little baby we saw on the TV is the little baby in my belly.  Crazy. I was smitten by these little feet.  I think they might just be the cutest feet ever. Of all … [Read more…]

Boy or Girl Poll

Some people have a feeling about the gender of a new baby.  A woman at Ben’s office said that her mother-in-law had dreams about every single grandkid, and was right about each one.  A friend of mine told me that she always has a feeling, and that feeling is always…wrong.  Some expectant mothers have a … [Read more…]

18 Weeks

According to my “What to Expect” book, daily emails from various pregnancy sites, and friends who have been through all of this before, any day now I should be feeling the little one move around!  Then I will really believe that there’s something in there.  I guess the growing belly should be proof enough, but … [Read more…]

Bird Beginnings

While browsing, a section of apartment therapy, a few weeks ago I saw this mobile and I am now determined to make one of my own for the nursery.  The original pattern and brilliant idea is from Spool.  Find the pdf file here. The problem is that I am not exactly what you would … [Read more…]