Foodie Trivia Answers

worldFoodiesphere: What is the term for animal innards and extremity meats included in British chef Fergus Henderson’s 2004 cookbook The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating? Offal (pronounced like “awful”)


starsFood Stars: What type of crustacean is Sebastian, who lands on a first course dinner plate in The Little Mermaid? Crab

dinnerpartyCompany’s Coming: What sweet, red-pepper spread is a picnic-sandwich tradition in the southern U.S.? Pimento cheese

scienceLab and Field: How much time, according to a 2003 survey, did Americans age 15 and older spend eating and drinking per day?  About 73 minutes (this seemed short to me…)

candlelit-dinnerDining Out: What is often served accompanied with baguettes, nuts and condiments made of fruit paste?  A cheese plate

whiskWhat’s Cooking: What distinguishes classic French-style rolling pins from classic American-style pins? Handles! American pins have them and French pins do not.