Piranha Sushi

This weekend we traveled to Fort Worth to spend the weekend with some college friends.  Texas A&M played Arkansas at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium, so they guys in our group went to the game on Saturday night.  We brought our dog who enjoyed the company of Kolby and Candace’s baby, Samson.


While the boys were at the football game, the ladies got a babysitter for Scott and Jennifer’s sweet baby girl and went out to dinner.  Jennifer suggested a sushi place she’d been wanting to try; Piranha Killer Sushi.


A friend in high school took me out to sushi one summer when we were both home from college.  He did all the ordering.  His dad lived in Japan for a while and my friend had gone to visit a few times.  So he was pretty educated in the ways of sushi.  I just sat back and enjoyed it…and let him pay.  Since that time I have not eaten sushi mostly due to my inexperience and lack of knowledge about it.

With some suggestions about what to get and some perusing of the online menu I felt ready to go as we headed out in the drizzle to downtown Fort Worth.

We started the meal with some wine and a bowl of steamed and salted edamame.  A cute bowl of rice noodles in a spicy soy sauce was served sprinkled with crunchy sesame seeds and a piece of pickled ginger.


Jennifer and I ordered two rolls to split between us.  Candace was going to go the non-sushi route.  We decided on the Sexy Roll and the Rainbow Roll.

The Rainbow roll is a rice encased combination of avocado, masago & cream cheese topped with tuna, scallops and salmon.

The Sexy Roll is shrimp tempura, ginger cream & cilantro topped with avocado, crawfish & mango.


sushi4Both were delicious.  Dipped in a little soy sauce into which a bit of wasabi has been mixed made this a truly enjoyable meal.  I was not an expert with the chopsticks, but I managed.  I love sharing plates of food, and sushi is a great way to do it.

I wanted to try a hand roll as well.  It just sounded too cute to resist!  A cone of seaweed filled with rice and spicy tuna.  It was adorable.


Maybe it was the company of good friends, or maybe the food was that good, or maybe a combination of both.  Whatever it was, I had such an incredible time at dinner that this will be one of those nights that I’ll remember and refer to in the future.